I like cancelled plans. And empty bookstores. I like rainy days and thunderstorms. And quiet coffee shops. I like messy beds and over-worn pajamas. Most of all, I like the small joys that a simple life brings.
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Her face attracted every inch of me.
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I’d rather rip my heart out than hear you call her ‘beautiful’ with the same smile you gave to me.
To me you’re the sea and I have fallen in love with salt on my skin.
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don’t tell me to calm down I’ll throw a fucking desk at your face


These roses are for the one who makes me smile every day.

Title: Room Of Angel

Artist: Akira Yamaoka, Mary Elizabeth McGlynn

Album: Silent Hill 4: The Room - Original Soundtrack
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Room of Angel // Silent Hill 4

I’ve been to hell and back, and can honestly say you were the worst part of it.
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don’t date anyone who isn’t proud of you

Title: ATLAS

Artist: Coldplay

Album: Atlas (From “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire” Soundtrack) - Single
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Catching Fire Soundtrack - ATLAS by Coldplay 

They told me to pour my heart into everything I do. So that’s what I did, I poured and poured and poured. Now they ask me why I’m so empty.
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